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You can visit sites linked to the history of Champagne all round the magnificent little village of Oeuilly and also very easily take full advantage of the landscape of the Marne valley vineyards following various footpaths.

The Champagne House at Oeuilly La Cave aux Coquillages Château de Condé Walking in forest La Marne à pied

Museum: The Champagne House

A genuine vintner's house dating back to 1642.
A guided visit of the Museum which recreates the life of a rural family at the end of the 19th century.

La Cave aux Coquillages

Walking on an underground route 200-meter long, discover the geological heritage of Champagne and the fabulous history of the ancient tropical sea and its inhabitants, such as the prestigious "Campanile Giganteum". An impressive travel through the grounds of the Marne Valley. (Guided tours by appointment: call +33 (0)3 26 58 36 43).

The Château de Condé-en-Brie

Home of the Princes of Condé, Bourbon and Savoy, the Château de Condé is a jewel of the "Route du Champagne". Far from being an empty museum, it is inhabited all year round and open to visitors. From the sumptuous decoration of the eighteenth century to the tercentennial trees in the park, it offers many wonders and surprises, including a lovely view on the Tarlant Vigne Royale vineyards. Tel. +33 (0)3 23 82 42 25 - French speaking visits but you may enjoy the beauty of the site.

Tarlant's rock

Walk through a moment of History in Oeuilly’s forest. In 1814, during Cossack’s invasion and Napoleon’s rout, Louis Honoré Roch Tarlant, 6th generation of Tarlant, was born behind a rock while the family was running from the invaders. Look for the rock !

The Marne on Foot

The Marne on foot offers 42 routes for walking and rambling throughout the department, of which one marked track goes through Oeuilly. There's a patchwork of vines and of little lively, homely and welcoming villages dotted all over the slopes of the valley. IGN map of the circuit (Oeuilly is at points 3 & 4 ).

May you prefer the Marne on bike, the route is on the www.france-voyage.com website.
(Electric bike to rent in Mareuil-Le-Port, call +33 (0)6 43 12 14 90)


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